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Well because I absolutely love love!

When I was growing up, I romanticized love on TV, in novels, & in movies. I always watched romcoms and regency movies. I was OBSESSED with Jane Austen and romance novels. I have no idea why, but reading and seeing love stories & tales of adventure were things I always wanted to be surrounded by.

So when choosing to become a Wedding & Couple photographer, I knew I wanted to connect with couples and document their love stories & freeze some of their most important moments in time forever. I want to remind them about how in love they are with each other, how their love story is an adventure, and give them a gift of their special moments captured in time.

Also, I absolutely love events and being part of them! I worked in Theatre Management before becoming a full-time photographer and managed a quite a few productions and events during my time. I love the adrenalin rush that you feel when working an event and the satisfaction you feel after planning a wonderful event! It's actually quite similar to being a wedding photographer!

So why weddings & couples?

Hiya! I'm Lisa.

When it comes to what matters most in life, love is always my answer.

Just to name a few, I love Wawa, The Office, Vines (to the point where I can quote many religiously), and corgis.

But what I love the most is capturing the love of life! From the most intimate of weddings to the greatest of milestones, I've seen love in every photo I take.

Originally from the Hudson Valley and growing up around the vast landscape of mountains and rivers, I found a love for adventure and chased it like a photographer chases light. My adventures led me to 20 different countries, new friends, and a passion for photographing the most beautiful moments in life.

My role as your photographer is to offer an experience where you can celebrate life with the ones you love and freeze all of those special moments in time for you to look back on forever.

While enjoying life on the spontaneous side, I'm an exceptionally skilled planner who often has a Plan B. The biggest challenge is finding the happy balance between the two! But when it comes to photography, expect that the adventure comes from the moments that come out of nowhere, and that it's my favorite part!

photographer for the Adventurous & Passionately In Love


My name is,

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I have been tap dancing since I was six years old.
Now I take adult tap classes!


I've traveled to over 20 different countries!
You want to know how? By working on a cruise ship!


My third love (after Pieter & photography, of course) is theatre! I studied and graduated with a degree in Theatre and Mass Communications!


I absolutely love dogs, especially CORGIS!
Well... I love all animals - honestly.


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Future Dogs

Primary Photographer, Planner, Adventurer, & Light-Extraordinatre

Associate Photographer, Editor
World-traveler, & History-Nerd

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Pride & Prejudice


baked mac & cheese


going to a local bar & eating pizza

date night

Iced Chai with Coconut Milk

Starbucks order

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The Beach

Lisa's All Time Favorites

"We hired Lisa to capture our special day and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! She is amazing at what she does from the beginning of the process to the very end. I’m so happy Lisa & Suzi were there, not only has photographers during my wedding but as friendly coordinators looking out for me & my (now) husband; (she even helped carry my vows!) She made everything run smoothly and captured so many beautiful moments at our micro-wedding/reception and I’m forever grateful. Highly recommend!!"
— Shakira & Alessandro

"If you’re looking for a photographer who truly cares about their clients and their needs then you’ve come to the right place...."

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"I had the best experience with Lisa - she’s literally amazing! She is not only an extremely talented individual but she is such a pleasant and genuine person to work with. The whole process from beginning to end was seamless and I really look forward to working with her again soon! You won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t. Highly recommend!."
—  Asha & Sam

"I still can’t stop looking at our photos..."

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"I hired Lisa for my engagement photos, not knowing what to expect because I had never done any type of photo shoot before. Before the shoot is scheduled, she really works to get to know you and your story. It made my fiancé and I feel so comfortable when we finally met her. Being photographed can feel like an awkward thing at times, but when you have a comfort level with the photographer it makes all the difference. And honestly she's just an awesome person! Highly recommend!!"
—  Briann & John

"I just wanted to feel comfortable and beautiful and with Lisa I felt just that!"

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